Your Gateway to Unparalleled Travel Content Control with the Enterprise Model

Feel the power of your Own Content with GTRS Galaxy. Dignify your GDS capabilities and supercharge your travel business with seamless integration into industry giants like Sabre, Travelport, and Amadeus. Live API credentials ensure hassle-free connections, unlocking a world of travel potential at your fingertips.

As Easy as Pie!

Activating our Enterprise Model is a breeze. Flip on modules, input your credentials, and let the magic flow! Customize your travel content like a five-finger exercise, tailored to your exact specifications.

Superior Features
for Sub-Agent Superstars

Fuse with GTRSystem and become a sub-agent superstar. Boost your sales with the following features

Reseller Option

Unlock the power of multi-level reselling. With this feature, you can not only access GTRSystem's rich content but also you can resell your content to others, creating a robust network of sub-agents and superstars.

Custom Branding Option

Make it your own. Take full control of your GDS content with custom branding. Establish your unique presence in the travel industry, also you can offer B2C solutions with your own payment gateway.

Apps for B2B and B2C

Enhance your reach and accessibility with dedicated apps for both B2B and B2C clients.

Take Charge with Unprecedented Control

Activate or Deactivate Specific Airlines

Have full control over the airlines you want to showcase to your customers.

Customize Access for Specific Outings and Routes

Tailor your offerings for specific travel itineraries.

Tailor Commission Groups Airline-Wise

Set commission structures that work best for each airline

Set Commissions for Specific Routing RBT-Wise

Define commissions with precision for various routing options.

With this level of customization, your sales potential skyrockets post-configuration. The GTRSystem's Enterprise Model comes pre-loaded with GTRS content, further expanding your horizons.

PNR Creation Streamlined for Success!

Whether you are an IATA agent or not, PNR creation is super streamlined. IATA agents benefit from three robotic queues for automatic ticket processing, while non-IATA agents can queue to partner PCC/office IDs. Ticket numbers are always auto-updated upon GDS-issued PNRS, ensuring a hassle-free booking process.

Dedicated Support

With GTRSystem, you're the boss of your GDS content. But if you ever need backup or assistance, our dedicated support team has your back. Experience connectivity, convenience, and a wealth of potential.

But that's not all! Our Enterprise Model also comes with a range of additional features. To know more join us in shaping the future of travel tech. Fuse with GTRSystem and become the Boss. Boost sales with reseller perks, domain branding, and API sales – all within your settings, powerful yet simple.

Experience GTRSystem's Enterprise Model and redefine your role in the world of travel technology. The future of travel tech is here, and it's in your hands!!!