Search Hotels by Specific Location Feature


GTRSystem, a leading B2B online travel reservation system, recently introduced a new feature to enhance their partners' booking experience. The feature enables travel professionals to search for hotels based on specific locations, offering convenience and tailored options for their customers. In this case study, we will explore the benefits and functionality of this innovative feature.

  1. Location search by name or address
  2. Radius selection for desired proximity
  3. Comprehensive search results names, ratings, and distances
  4. Filters and sorting options for reusning search
  5. Detailed information including rooms, availability, pricing and amenities
  6. Time-saving for travel professionals
  7. Accurate distance information for proximity assessment
  8. Increased productivity for travel professionals

Case Study

Challenge: One common challenge faced by travel professionals is locating suitable accommodations near specific landmarks or attractions. For instance, a customer may request a hotel near KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It can be time-consuming and tedious to manually search through numerous options and verify their proximity to the desired location. GTRSystem aimed to address this challenge by developing a feature that simplifies the search process and provides accurate results promptly.

Solution: GTRSystem's new feature, "Search Hotels by Specific Location," allows travel professionals to quickly find hotels near specific landmarks or locations. By entering the desired location, such as KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur, the system retrieves a list of nearby hotels within a specified radius. The radius selection enables users to narrow down the search based on their preferences, such as within 1 km of the desired location.


Location Search: Travel professionals can enter the name or address of the specific location into the search bar.

Radius Selection: The system allows users to select the desired radius within which they want to find accommodations.

Search Results: GTRSystem retrieves a comprehensive list of hotels within the specified radius, displaying essential details such as hotel names, ratings, and approximate distances from the desired location.

Filters and Sorting: Users can apply filters and sorting mechanisms to refine their search further, such as by price range, amenities, and guest ratings.

Detailed Information: Clicking on individual hotel listings provides users with detailed information, including room types, availability, pricing, and additional amenities.


Time-saving: The feature eliminates the need for manual research, allowing travel professionals to quickly find suitable accommodations near specific landmarks.

Personalized Options: By searching based on a specific location, travel professionals can offer their customers tailored choices that meet their preferences and requirements.

Accuracy: The feature provides accurate distance information, enabling users to assess the proximity of hotels to the desired location eectively.

Increased productivity: With the efficient search feature, travel professionals can save time and focus on delivering excellent service and attending to other customer needs.

GTRSystem's new feature, "Search Hotels by Specific Location," addresses the challenge of finding accommodations near specific landmarks. It's delivering a personalized and efficient booking experience for travel professionals. It enhances productivity, customer satisfaction, and the success for your business.


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